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PediAquatics Swim School

Certified infant Self rescue and Swim Lessons 

Call Amy in Alachua

Basic Training

Every child starts with the basic training which is when they will learn their water survival skills. It is typically a 4-6 week program. Lessons are Monday-Friday for 10 minutes a day. Your child MUST attend everyday, consistency is crucial during the course. Lessons are one on one with just myself and your child in the pool, besides our "Fun Fridays". On the First and Last Friday of the program the parents are highly encouraged to get in the pool and learn how to work with your child's swimming skills.

* $80 a week with a one time $25 registration fee *

* Monday-Friday, 5 days a week, 10 minutes a day, 4-6wks *

Babies 6 - 18 months:

"Baby Basic Training"

Babies will learn breath control and to swim face down in the water

and then independently roll to their back and float

Toddlers 18 months-2/3 years:

"Swim Float Swim"

Toddlers learn to swim face down in the water,

then independently roll to their backs, rest and float,

then roll back over and swim.

Children 2/3 years and up:

"Advanced Basic Training"

"swim float swim"

along with snorkeling, diving and jumping.